It’s only now that I realize why the terminal was so full of people. Insanely long lines! The INC has a thing nga pala somewhere (Quirino Grandstand nga ba?) so the traffic was BAD. I had to wait for almost an hour. While I wait, I saw this couple (i told you in this post they’re everywhere) who turned Public Display of Affection to Public Display of Animosity. They were at the other end of the line so I can’t hear them but the body language was solid. Please use your imagination in picturing the situation but i’ll try my best to describe:


Boy (B): (Ka-holding hands si Girl. Tumatawa pa)

Girl (G): (Tumingin kay Boy ng masama sabay bawi ng kamay nya. Nag-cross ng arms sabay tagilid)

B: (Super kinukulit si Girl. Hahawakan sa braso si Girl)

G: (Iwas naman sa pag reach out ni Boy sa kanya)

They did that tampuhan blues until the shuttle came. I think the girl got mad, baka napikon sa joke ni boy or something. I felt uncomfortable for them. Maybe that’s normal? Fighting in public. IDK.

While i wait i also saw a lot of people who didn’t ask so they ended up queuing at the wrong line. I’ve learned that it’s always best to ask if your in doubt.

Finally, the shuttle came, but i still had to stretch my patience for the those who can’t help but talk incessantly on their mobile phones. SIGH. The joys of commuting. Teaches us to be tolerant and patient.

Now i’m home. Tired and beat. Felt like posting something cause my mom’s sick. I can’t stress her out with the mundane activities of my regular Tuesday. Anywho, got to go. Smell ya later! 🙂