I love music. I’ve been going to concerts ever since… err… i can afford it. Hehe. It felt wrong to ask for my parents to buy me tickets for concerts when I was still in school. That’s the reason why i missed Fall Out Boy’s and Maroon 5’s first concert here in Manila. Anywho, talking about concerts, last Saturday we headed to Smart Araneta Coliseum to go see The Greatest Hits Tour.

It was a 3-in-1 concert featuring Jeff Timmons (one of the other dudes in 98 degrees), Blue, and (insert scream here) A1!!! Sigh. The songs of my youth. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just imagine my excitement when i heard they were coming. Memories flashback instantly, my grade school crush sporting the same “kimpee” hairstyle as Ben Adams and we even sang one of A1’s songs for our grad song (One in Love), and us tuning in on MTV to swoon over those boys singing and making pa-cute in the music video of “Like A Rose”. Haaaay. My 13 year old self is jumping up and down and just died for a minute there. Haha.

The look that made a lot of school girls swoon โค

Going back to the concert, we were early. Had to fall in line and wait for the gates to open. I just have to share, it’s always an experience falling in line for concerts. We get to see a whole lot people. I give you:

Ces’ 5 Types of Concert Goers:

1. The PDAs (i’m sorry for the guys who were required by the girlfriends to attend) – well, in fairness i gotta say, the PDAs are also found in a lot of different common places (which sucks ass) like the cinema, the mall, fast food, everywhere, just name it there’s probably at least two.

2. The socialites – they are the ones who come truly prepared. As in, outfit kung outfit, yung akala mo sila yung magcoconcert. haha. Side story: i remember when we went to the Pussycat Dolls Concert, we felt a little under dressed because some of the people in the crowd were wearing boots (hello, tropical country?), high heels (kamusta naman ang paghi-heels sa SM MOA Concert Grounds) and faux furs. Nuff said.

3. The pa-socialites a.k.a. TH (Trying Hard) – hmmm. These are the annoying ones. idol nila ang socialites. They are the ones who tend to look at you from head to toe and whisper to their other pa-socialites/TH friends. Sarap konyatan.

4. The Lost Peeps – aaah. the lost peeps. kids (who are too young to even know who the artists are) and KJs (kill joys). Need I say more?

5. The Fan Girls/Boys – these are the ones who are really there for the concert. The ones who sings along and just enjoys the whole she-bang! in short, ehem, that’s US! Haha.

Once we got in, we found our seats and we waited. It didn’t start at the exact time maybe because the Big Dome wasn’t full yet (it wasn’t as jam packed as the Westlife Gravity Tour). Jeff Timmons was up first. He performed with Jay Durias and some back up vocalists of South Border. He even sang rainbow! I actually felt bad for him because, he was trying so hard to pump up the crowd. He was even explaining that it was his first time to do something solo. I say: “Hay naku, Jeff Timmons, sa barangay ka na lang magpaliwanag” Haha. But he wasn’t that bad. If it’s any consolation, people were also screaming because well… i must admit, he’s hot. Check him out here.

Jeff Timmons and Lucky Girl

The second act was (insert screaming here) A1!!! We were hoping that they were last but i guess because they were not complete anymore Blue was the “bigger” act that night given that they were still complete. Anywho, A1’s set was EPIC! I loved it. They were good! They started their set with “Same Old Brand New You” and sang all their hits. Some were medleys because of course they can’t sing the whole songs because Blue was still going to perform. They even did a cover of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and they also sang two singles from their new album “Waiting for daylight” and “In Love and I Hate it” (the latter’s chorus sounded a little bit like Kelly Clarkson’s single Mr.Know-It-All, but whatever!). They were chatty with the fans which is always fun. Feeling close kame kahit nasa Upper Box B lang kame. Haha. My most favorite part of their set was when they sang “Ready or Not” (because we did not only sing along, we danced along too! oh boy, the things that good looking guys make us do. SIGH) Haha and when Ben asked the cameraman to come on up stage and take a close up of him singing “Like A Rose”. Ben Adams is soooo POGI! Grabe. His face filled all the screens in the coliseum. I died. Haha. I wish i could drug him and bring him home and keep him forever! HAHA!

one of the better shots i got ๐Ÿ™‚

Ben. Ben. Ben. You are awesome. โค

Last and definitely not the least is Blue. In all fairness, they were also good and they did put on a show. Most of their songs are upbeat so they also did choreography. They started of with “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”, “U Make Me Wanna” ย followed by “Breathe Easy” then they had to change outfits for “All Rise”, “Fly By”, and the controversial “Too Close”. Controversial because I swear the Big Dome went gaga over the gyrating hips and crotch grabbing moves of those English lads. Haha. One thing though, Duncan missed some of his lyrics (i forgot which song) but that was okay because Anthony went in and saved his english-forgetful-arse. Simon and Lee were pretty playful on stage. Lee even sang a line of “Like A Rose” while giving away roses to the crowd. They threw in some of their used-sweat-filled towels, i didn’t see though if someone actually grabbed it (eeeeww to dapat pero, oh well, whatever. haha). Blue’s set was the fastest to finish. It sort of bitinย but it was still fun.

BLUE: Duncan, Simon, Antony, and Lee

Overall, it was a great experience. The Westlife Gravity Tour was still better (if were comparing to other boy bands) because the crowd’s energy was better. Anyway, i now have enough memories of Ben Adams to supply my day dreaming at the office. Haha. My final question would be, “Kelan kaya dadating ang N’SYNC?” ๐Ÿ™‚

PS. There’s a few minutes of technical break after every set. While we wait for the 2nd set, Bestfriend Goldie found a new friend:

Nanay: Kras ko si Dangkan (ng Blue)