February 18, 2012



I can’t sleep, just got settled in after a very long and interesting day. Since my hair’s still wet from the shower (I had to shower because I got wet in the drizzle on my way home) I decided to write something before going to bed.

I met with one of my best friends to watch Channing Tatum (muy caliente!!!) and Rachel McAdams’ new romantic flick: The Vow. We were supposed to go see it at G4 but the schedule didn’t fit ours so we had to go toGreenbelt3 instead. Going there was a little bit of a hassle because there were lots of people, more people than on a usual Friday. There was this concert of some bands. The shrieking and screaming seemed louder than the concert. Anywho, when we got to GB3, there were no seats available for the 6:20PM screening (Tip: if you’re gonna go see a movie atGreenbelt, it’s best to reserve tickets for sure seats). So, that sucked. BUT! The consolation prize was we got to see Ivan Dorschner (the boy who got kissed by Katy Perry during her January 2012 concert here) and James Reid (the boy who won the latest PBB teens) not really super celebrities per se but still eye candy. Haha!

Coz we were determined to see that movie no matter what, the bright idea was to go somewhere else. We decided, oh what the hell, let’s face the Friday rush hour traffic and head to the Newport Cinemas. When we got there, guess what we found out. Yup! The movie wasn’t screening there anymore too. Darn it! Last resort was the Mall of Asia. We were sure of the show time the problem was the heavy traffic. It took us almost an hour, and the lines for the tickets were so looooooooong. I thought we wouldn’t make it but I don’t know, the universe conspired and we got to see the whole thing. We were so frantic we weren’t able to buy any food but that was okay because Channing Tatum’s abs was dinner enough. Kanin na lang ang kulang. Hahaha! The movie was okay. Medyo bitin lang. I’ll try to post a review of some sort for the movie in the coming days.

After the movie, we had to go home because it was getting late. The taxi queues are so unbelievable long so we took the jeepney and that was the highlight of my day! We got into a heated argument with a girl:



Int. Jeepney. Gabi.

Maraming tao ang nag-unahang pumasok sa nag-iisang jeepney.

QUEENIE: (Aktong uupo sa bakanteng pwesto sa tabi ng isang babae)

BABAE: Ay, may nakaupo na dyan.

QUEENIE: Excuse me (outraged!) Ay nakaupo na ko te!

BABAE: Ni-reserve ko na yan para sa kasama ko.

AKO: Kelan pa nag-karoon ng reservation sa jeep?!

BABAE: (mapilit) eh may kasama nga kasi ako eh.

QUEENIE: (sa driver) manong pano to?! Ok lang ba to may reservation??

DRIVER: (ayaw makigulo) kayo na bahala mag-ayos nyan.

AKO: Eh manong may reservation na pala mga jeep ngayon, walang pasabi????

QUEENIE at AKO: (bonggang eksena at kuda)

BABAE: (walk out)

QUEENIE at AKO: (laugh trip lang)

Since when was it acceptable for people to have reservations for riding the jeep? Really? We had to be pushy and obnoxious. The woman was nucking futs. Buti na lang, the other commuters sided with us and laughed along. I guess that’s what made the girl leave. We all kind of ganged up on her. Haha. Kasi naman no! Reserved seat sa jeep? Yung totoo lang. It was funny and irritating at the same time. It made my day though. Truly epic. Kinda reminded me of the adventures Queen and I used to have back in college. This day’s definitely going to our history books and shall be retold in more get-togethers to come. Over all, it was a fun-filled day. 🙂