I left my ipod at home today so i had to make do with listening to the busy noise of the metro and the bonus chismis from people who incessantly talk on their mobile phones even if they’re walking or waiting for public transport. I don’t know how they do it. Talk about personal things over the phone when absolute strangers can over hear. That is why, i therefore conclude that eavesdropping is not a sin committed by the eavesdropper but it’s the fault of the eavesdropee (if that’s even a word. haha) you know what i mean?

And because i am figuratively alone (although technically i am) without my music, it got me to thinking (of course, what else would i be doing on my free time other than to think, over thinkers raise your hands *both hands raised*). I’ve been feeling crappy about wanting to do stuff and not having any of my friends  people to do it with. (I don’t want to go swimming alone or do videoke on my own. That’s just sad, right?) And because this year is about being positive and looking at things at a different perspective, i thought to myself being alone shouldn’t mean being lonely. Right?! For us to be able to have fun with anybody else we should be able to have fun with ourselves.

So, to overcome the fear  sad feeling of having to do things on my own, i have come up with a few things i could do. First on my list is to watch a movie. In the cinema. Alone. Dan-dan-dan. Hopefully, i get to do this and actually have a good time. Let’s all be alone together, shall we?