Sunday nights. Urgh. The worst. When i was still in school, i dreaded Sunday nights. Sunday nights meant nothing good’s on TV, going to bed early, and school day when i wake up. I hated it. It feels like a hollowed out pit in your stomach. Makes me want to projectile vomit. That’s how screwed up my head was (or still is…sometimes).

Now, i’m writing to you on a Sunday night because i feel like crap. You know, over thinking stuff and wishing i was still 5 years old with nothing to worry about. Why am i being all crazy suzy here? Well, I’ve been feeling a little stressed out about things at work. If you’ve been reading some of my posts you’ll catch my drift. The situation is simple actually. The problem is me. I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do anything. I sort of, kinda, want out. Yes, i’m sick. Sick in the head.

I guess, i’m just tired because last month was crazy busy. I don’t know. I want a change of environment. I want a vacation. I want something different. A breather. I want to clear my head and really think about what i want to do next year. A change of scene maybe? Back to school? No concrete plan yet. Hopefully, I make the right choices. URGH. I am so lost and confused somebody please give me a map!