The LA Galaxy and Azkals game is now on. All the status updates on Facebook are about the game and everybody’s live tweeting it. And I don’t get it. Well, i don’t wanna judge but i just feel like everybody’s making a big fuzz out of it simply because David Beckham is oh sooo HOT and most of the Azkals are eye candies and not really because they love or even know soccer or football. Soccer/football is now the fad in the Philippines, thanks to the Younghusbands and those other good looking members of the Phillipine team. It is now officially a Pogi Sport.

Anywho, aside from soccer there are other things that people buzz about and i just get, i don’t know, semi pissed about. Maybe because it’s irritating when people claim to be fans of something when really they just want to join the bandwagon. Another thing that people are obsessing over are vampires. Everybody’s been talking/posting non-stop about the new Twilight movie. A lot of people are really into it now. Even though i have read the books (only because i felt like i had to finish the saga because i read the fist one), i’m not a fan (I’m a Potterhead i must confess but that is because Harry Potter is way better. The books were brilliantly written and the movies were, hello, simply awesome so i guess there is no contest. Haha!). The first part, i must admit, was okay but the succeeding parts were…i guess not my cup of tea. People are so into it maybe because of Rob Pattinson and K. Stew or maybe because of Taylor Lautner’s hard rock abs but i personally think it’s overrated. What happened to vampires being scary creatures who feed on human blood? I remember when I was a kid, i used to be so scared and get nightmares about vampires wanting to kill me. I’d even fall off the bed. Now, people (especially girls) are screaming for vampires not because they’re scary but because they want to be bitten and they want an Edward Cullen.

Oh well, who am i to judge? Maybe people do love and know the sport. Maybe people find it amazing that a vampire and a human can make immortal babies (who knew vampires still has a working reproductive health?) and that the real reason why they don’t want to be in the sun is not because they’ll melt but because they will glisten and shine like diamonds (BARF). People will like and claim to be fans of whatever’s the in thing. I guess, I just have to live and let live.

PS. By the way, we lost to the LA Galaxy 6 to 1. 😐