Last Sunday, we all went to the baptism of our barkada’s baby girl (the new addition in our Dips Family). How was this one different from all other baptisms i went to. Well, it all made us feel old. I think. Not in a sad “oh nooo, we’re old!” kinda way. More like “whoa, we’re really growing up aren’t we?” sort of way. Maybe because we’ve all known each other for most of our lives and when we’re all together it always feels like nothings changed. When we hang out it doesn’t matter if we have acronyms at the end of our names. It just feels like a bunch of kids playing cards, watching TV, making fun of each other, just hanging out.

And before i cry of nostalgia, i’d just like to say that i’m very proud and happy about how we all turned out… so far. Well, some of us might not know what we really wanna do (that means me) at least we’re all moving forward and i’m sure towards the right direction.

Anywho. I’m just excited that we actually have a baby in the group. We all get to be tita’s and tito’s to our new angel. Welcome to the club, Laura! πŸ™‚