I just turned a year older last week. So now, i’m officially 23. It’s not as momentous as say, turning 18 or 21, and that may be the subconscious reason why i didn’t have (or even insist, though i thought about having one) a party or a fancy shmancy celebration.

My birthday was on a Monday and because i haven’t been with the company for five years i do not have the privilege of getting a birthday leave so i had to go to work. I spent most of my birthday in a private school somewhere in QC facilitating an activity for grade schoolers who had too much sugar for recess. I got home and had an awesome home cooked dinner with my family. The day before that was my lola’s birthday so we all went (it took two SUVs to transport everybody who went) to visit her and my lolo at the cemetery and had a delicious and LOUD dinner with the whole extended family. I was able to do all the mandatory panlilibre and got all sorts of gifts (which i must say is the most awesome part of birthdays! haha. could be a simple greeting, although thanks to Facebook nobody forgets anybody’s birthday, or any gift…in cash or in kind. haha!)

The best part of my birthday, i must say, is the birthday gift i got myself (can anybody say: Narcissist Alert, haha! >:))) Today, i was able to cross out the one thing that has been on my to-do list since 2009. I now have a savings account. In a bank. With money. Yey! You might roll your eyes and say “ngek! yun na?! akala ko naman kotse or something major”. But for me, it is something major. Major major pa nga eh because I’m really not the saving type. Up until now I don’t pay for anything in the house. If i want something and it’s expensive i’d look for sponsors (insert photos of mom and kuya here :P). And having my own saving account feels like a start of my independence and my being serious about my future. Who knows, I might save a whole lot, get a house and live on my own. It’s just an accomplishment i wanna share (not that it matters to you but it does to me and to my parents. Hopefully, it inspires.) plus it made me cross out something from my to do list and that makes me a happy camper! Whew. Come to think of it, it is a momentous event after all.