I’ve been seriously thinking about going back to school again. I figured, am being so stressed about what i do and don’t do for a living (it’s like i just worry and feel inadequate most of the time, well it’s not THAT bad but it’s not THAT good either. confused? welcome to my world.) so i thought about doing something else to keep my mind off from thinking about how i’m like fish out of water half of the time.

I try to think about things i could do because sometimes i find myself daydreaming, bored, and stagnant. Well, i can’t just get up and leave my job. I’m not stupid. So, i try to do other things totally not related and something that would make me forget that i’m an office drone. DVD marathons are always a go to but I can’t really do it every day. I watch it all night. Have a good laugh. But feel like crap the next day because i’m up until 2 in the morning and i’m sleepy as hell in front of my computer.

Because i was desperate to find a hobby, something, anything! I tried joining a dance class in the office. I think i did it for a couple of months. I did not shed a lot of pounds but i did have fun though. My classmates were funny in their own special ways. Imagine your moms or aunts doing the Waka Waka or dancing to Flo Rida or Jay Sean’s tunes. It’s an epic, priceless, face-palm worthy moment, that will make you cringe and laugh your ass off at the same time. It was fun while it lasted. I don’t really know why i stopped going. Was it schedule? Can’t remember but I just did.

A good friend of mine started his vacation from the hospital recently and decided to take up jogging. Being the forever available person that I am, I agreed to join him along with another friend of ours. It’s a good work out definitely but i think brisk walking is more like my thing. Our whole jogging experience is a whole different story that you’ll read about someday. 🙂

After a series of prospect hobbies that didn’t really fly. I thought about doing something i’m good at and i’d enjoy. I thought about learning how to bake. Just thinking about all the things i need is already a drag so that one’s off the list (i’d probably do this if my brother agrees to do it with me and maybe pay for the baking/cooking class). That’s when i thought about going back to school. I was good at being a student (modesty aside, i’d like to think i was) and i enjoyed going to school (well, i do, 80% of the time). As a matter of fact, i felt lost after graduation because i never really thought about what i would do after school. School was my life. That sounded so lame but there’s a lot of truth to that. I wanted to be very good at it back then. That’s why when i look back  i think there were some fun things i regret not doing because i was so focused on being good at school work and all the nerdy stuff. I forgot to enjoy the crazy ride that was school. So now, i want to go back, get my masters, meet more people, and definitely have fun this time around.

PS. Any suggestions for an awesome school for grad school? Share your thoughts! 🙂