It’s  Friday. Last work day before the most awaited long weekend. Yay! I’ve been looking forward to it ever since i’ve heard of it. I was hoping i’d go somewhere far, a road trip even, or go see the beach. But because the people i want to go with are unavailable and going alone would be so… uhm… sad, i thought of a few things i’d do instead:


1. First up, my mother probably prayed for this one, i’d clean my room.  The floor needs major mopping so i plan to wake up early Saturday morning. Do all the nitty gritty stuff so i can slack off the rest of the weekend.

2. I can’t remember the last time my friends and i simply hang out without spending a dime. Now, when we have a chance to get together we’d go somewhere eat (in a place where there’s a menu, imagine that, before we’d just eat off of my refrigerator) or watch a movie. But i miss the good ol days when we’d just go to my house, play cards, watch whatever’s on TV, eat whatever’s in my refrigerator, and laugh our butts off until our parents start looking for us. So, i plan to hang out with those crazy kids, spend a little dime (on DVDs for our marathon and pig out session… cause we can now afford pizza delivery without busting our wallets. Haha!)

3. Finish the Ally McBeal series. I’m already on the last season. Next in line is the Good Wife. Sometimes, watching all those TV shows makes me want to go to law school and be a litigator. I’d only be a lawyer if I can work at Cage and Fish. 🙂

4. Hang out with my first friends ever…my cousins! 🙂

Hopefully, there’s more to do other than my plan. This very much needed long weekend is gonna be a BLAST! 🙂