If you think this would be an inspirational read to start your week, it’s not, so if you don’t have the patience or the understanding for an individual (who’s not really in a very happy monday mood) please click the “X” button in the upper right corner of your monitor.

Here are the reasons why today is awesome:

1. Earlier today, I was taking a bath and my dad was being obnoxious, knocking, and asking me to hurry up. He’s basically being…himself. Anyway, the thing is, I just got in the shower. I’m not even sure if I got all the conditioner out of my hair.

2. Our pancakes for breakfast were burnt. BUT i’m still thankful for my mom waking up early and cooking us breakfast (i ❤ u, ma!) even though she’s got no work today (it’s the 4th of July, that’s why.). I ate ones less burnt, it’s still good with scrambled eggs, bacon, and a cup of coffee.

Number 2 kinda cancels out the first one but for number 3, this is what happened:

3. After breakfast, I thought I had the bathroom all to myself. So, I was taking my time brushing my teeth. I was gonna do the morning ritual, including the “no. 2”, when suddenly, i heard a knock yet again. Guess who? My dad…Again! He said he needs to go…again! So i had to hurry up…Again!

Doesn’t it throw you off? Being asked by your parents to hurry up or else you’ll be late. It’s like high  school all over again. Urgh.

4. I rode the shuttle to work today just like any other day. So off we go. There wasn’t traffic. Good. Once we got to Arnaiz, it’s near the  office but still a long walk somebody was getting off so we moved to side and then the shuttle went to a full stop. Uh oh. What’s even better, it wouldn’t start. The driver even asked if we could push to help it start. And that was my cue to start walking. I had to walk from there to the office… in my heels. At 8:24, a sweaty employee logged in. Thank you very much.

Well, that’s a great start…not! I just started the day and I want it already done. That’s not good. There are a lot of things i have to do. (Now, i can’t push myself to do them. But i’ll do them anyway. Because that who I am and that’s what i do. I get pissed. I bitch about it. I do it anyway.)

Today is awesome because in spite all of those crappy things, I realized (just now) that getting it out of my system. And dumping it on my emotional dumpster which is the blogosphere. I honestly feel better. I guess I’m a little bit crazy today (Too much Ally McBeal and John Cage from the weekend DVD marathon).

Long day ahead. 🙂 Have a productive week ahead.