I’ve been psyching myself up for a good week now. I do that sometimes, well most of the time, pep talks…with myself. Like what you see in movies. The Bidas talking to themselves in front of the mirror telling themselves that they have to win the damn championship or whatever. I do that. On my way to work, i’d stare out the window of the shuttle and play my music and tell myself: “this IS the day. I’m awesome. I can do this!” Well not like that, more like: “Okay okay. Don’t panic. Kaya ko to. Isa isa lang. Hingang malalim” and that totally sounded like i’m very neurotic and i’m starting to babble and i don’t make sense and i just sound like a crazy person and i forget to put punctuation marks and i say “and” a lot and i forget to put spaces between my paragraphs.

I’m overwhelmed (there’s nothing to be overwhelmed about really, or is there?!…this is just me being my usual crazy whiny self) and I guess, I finally cracked and my energy for convincing myself that everything’s a-okay has run out. This is exactly the reason why I don’t fancy (fancy talaga?) being idle for a long time. Starting over and having to find the momentum…again. It sucks. I’m the lamest person…ever. Boy, I really need that long weekend. Sigh.

Anywho, there you have it. We’re entitled to at least one bad day, right? Β I feel better. Y’all are awesome. I’m going back to whatever it is i’m doing. Have fun today, kids!