I found myself staring blankly across my computer in the middle of the morning at work today. I am active in all the social networking sites that i’m on as of today. I’m up to date in reading all the blog posts from my favorite bloggers. I’ve read all the yahoo and yahoo.ph headlines. I’ve done all the possible things i could do with the internet (given the limitations of the office domain). And now i’m doing this when i’m supposed to be doing something else. I am officially bored and it’s shameful.

The reason why there’s nothing to do is…complicated. I guess, I could say that we are on a standstill. I hope not for too long.

Anywho, because I’m online most of the time (well, always) I’m updated with the NBA standing even if i don’t really care. I’ve unfollowed a few people on twitter because i’ve come to realize that they don’t sound like that in person. It’s like a pretend self when they’re online. It’s annoying. They become this person trying to sound smart or even interesting (click unfollow button).

The Top 5 Signs That You’re Bored:

Top 5 – You attempt  to “decorate” your office’s bulletin board

Top 4 – You eat a looooot

Top 3 – You organize your i-tunes playlist

Top 2 – You play pictionary

(The mystery word here btw is “if we ever meet again” go figure.)

Top 1 – You pretend to be busy and look like this

*sigh* well i guess, i just have to enjoy the moment while it lasts. I hope things will start to get moving soon before i think of a top 10.