After coming home from Cebu last Saturday, the whole family went to Laguna for our traditional family summer bonding.

Before I left for Cebu last week, my cousins from Pampanga were already here. My titas are already busy with the preparations for the food, transpo, the works. Bestfriend Goldie already reserved the place for us. We had to be there by 7am. That’s why I was a little bit edgy at the Mactan Airport the night before because the PAL flight was delayed (as usual).

Sunday morning, everybody was up and about at around 5am. The house is magulo and maingay, just the way i like it. πŸ™‚ Just before we left, my dear father had his usual “bitch fit”. This usually happens when all of my mother’s relatives are present. Why, you ask? I repeat, my mother’s RELATIVES ARE PRESENT Go figure. Anywho, we were a little bit lost because the sketch, i believe, was drawn by toddlers. It was frickin’ useless. Good thing may built in radar si Bestfriend Goldie kaya naman we found the place.

Once there, the kids automatically jumped into the pool. Later on, they all looked like over cooked ginger bread men. Well in this case, over cooked ginger bread kids. Exhibit A (an irritated, over cooked ginger bread kid. Itatago natin sa pangalang MC Hammer-head):

We had enough food to last through breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks. Let’s just say that my family loooves to eat, so at around 9am… taob na ang kaldero ng dinuguan at nakasalang na ang panibagong sinaing.

Before swimming we had to test the videoke machine (woohoo!). And by testing, i mean having my own mini concert. This would probably be my most favorite part, the videoke. With all modesty aside, i only scored 100, ehem, 5 times. hahaha! (oo na, alam kong palakasan lang ng boses ang sukatan dun, pagbigyan nyo na ko. frustrated songer.) Aside from food, we also love singing. Apparently we are allΒ frustrated singers. Exhibit B:

Every year, during Christmas and Summer outings, we always have a complete photo. Me and my 17 cousins. Exibit C (wan, tu, tri, wacky!!!):

It was a fun filled day. I got to sing my heart out, play touch taya with my cousins, eat good food, and bond with the family. Kaya kahit wala pang tulog, ayos lang. We all kinda forgot the world for one day. Nothing beats the happiness we have when we’re surrounded by family. No stress. No judgement. Just unadulterated fun. πŸ™‚