I’ve been meaning to post something for two weeks now but i haven’t got the time and space because our house is being painted. I would love to show you how perfectly messy it is but pictures won’t do it justice so i’ll just show you a small portion of the messy house. Presenting: my room before the paint job started:

I know what you’re thinking. It’s messy. I actually wrote about cleaning it before, check it out here. It’s been a really stressful few weeks. Not that i’m the one paying for it or even doing the dirty work. It’s just that house renovations in our house hold means hot heads (insert mom and dad’s photos here), really bad tempers (i’m guilty as charged), dust, keeping things in boxes, disassembling things, more dust, and more bad tempers.

I wasn’t able to sleep very well for a few days. I had to share a small bed space with my mother dear. And you know how slim we both are. πŸ˜› It was a blast…for the mosquitoes. I have a lot of small red dots all over me thanks to them. It’s itchy too so that makes it even better.

We also had to pick colors for our rooms. We went to the hardware to choose.

Dancing Peach, Tequila Sunshine, Sunny Side Up, those are the actual names of the paint colors we had to choose from. It’s mind boggling really. A dancing peach, is there a singing peach? Oh well, it took me almost an hour in choosing which one. I never really knew that one color has a gazillion variety. It’s not just violet. There’s lavender, purple, periwinkle, dark violet, light violet, pale violet, all sorts of violet.

And finally, my room’s all done

here’s the CEO (my mom, the pose!), her Executive secretary (tita jhayne), and the floor manager (matty), being all bossy and checking out the room.

It’s still not that orderly but it looks really good. When i look at it, all the kaguluhan seemed to be all worth it. I just had to sacrifice a few weeks of comfort and had to stretch my patience a little bit. Feels like we have a new house but it’s pretty much the same old home just a little bit colorful.