Last day of work…for the week (Yay!) . Thank God it’s Friday. It’s a pretty tiring day at work. Let me give you the run down of my day:


– I arrive at the office. We’re suppose to go somewhere far with a big wig for a meeting, we need to leave by 8AM.


– No signs of the boss yet. We leave thirty minutes later.


– Stuck in traffic. Inside the car. Small talk. I pretty much listen to guys small talk (cars, gadgets,business,some more serious things,few random stuff). Smiles politely. Laughs at the right moment. Gives the occasional nod/uh-huh.


– Near the place but a little bit lost. A map unveils itself. Doesn’t help much. We ask the first manong tricycle for directions. Not so helpful so we ask the second manong tricycle. Found the place.


Made introductions. Proceeded with the “chikahan”. Went down to business. The boss kept it light with the chikahan. Got a favorable response. We’re now happy persons. 🙂


– Done. Went to a mall for lunch.


– Ate PASTA (umay alert. sobrang dami ng serving. haha). Got to know the new colleagues a little bit more. Ate ice cream. (Ice cream that will go straight to my thighs or my tummy)


Back at the office.


Started walking towards Rufino for a follow up meeting.


Met with the clients. Their big boss really cracks me up. He’s a character. At first glance you wouldn’t know he’s the boss. Una akala namen gwardiya sya. Haha. Very low profile. He even looked like he’s drunk (haha! rakenrol si Sir. Describing him with words wouldn’t do him justice. Kailangan makita nyo ang impersonation ko sa kanya. haha) but he’s sober naman…i think. He’s very nice though so we’ll probably get what we want. 🙂


Went back to the office.


Went out to dinner with the office peeps (para maiba naman, i told them i want to see them outside the four corners of our work area). Actually enjoyed our snack boxes (kala mo di nag-kfc ng matagal, enjoy na enjoy).


At the shuttle terminal. Loooooong line. Good thing i saw a former classmate. Chikahan. 🙂


Got home safe and sound.


A little commotion in the house. Somebody left the gate wide open. Big brother freaked out. Our dogs might go missing AGAIN. Na-sampolan nanaman tuloy ang salarin.


Watched Parenthood


– Started this blog.


That pretty much sums up my Friday. Not so hectic but still draining. No complains here. I’m just saying. 🙂 I’m looking forward to my Saturday laundry duty. Hopefully, do some errands. Catch up on some reading.

Because i’m such a reality show junky. Imma go watch AI’s results show now.

Seacrest OUT este Ces OUT! 🙂