I’m in for a long week. Seven schools in a week. We’re in over our heads ready for this (keeping fingers crossed). One whole week of waking up at 4am and going home by 8PM (if lucky) or 9PM. I have come to expect the stress, the pressure, the tiring long days and all those other brouhaha that come along with what I do.

Pre-Hell Week To Do List:

1. Download a LOT of new songs (When chaos happens, i just need to be confined in my own peaceful world by my head phones and i’ll be able to survive the day haha!)

2. Open my face book account (I may not be able to see it till next week)

3. Watch a lot of TV and lie around the house for the duration of the weekend (I did not go out once this weekend, i’ll be all over the place this week, believe it.). I will be a boarder starting Monday til Saturday.

4. Go to church and pray for the success of this week.

5. Post a blog. 🙂

Hopefully, I’ve prepared enough last week for the momentous events of this week. May the force be with me.