My second favorite holiday is just around the corner. After debating with myself and my mom for a good couple of weeks, I’ve (we’ve) decided to do the celebration and the whole shebang.

I was thinking back and forth if I really wanted to have a party (sounds so fancy, but it’s not really. :)). My plan at first was to just spend it with a few close friends but then that was before I knew that people actually knew and still remembered when my birthday was. I felt the need to throw a small party (sponsored by the people who love me…thanks mom and dad. hehe). So, out the invites went and the waiting for confirmation begins.

It’s funny actually, sending invitations. If you don’t give ’em out, people would ask if they’re invited or not but once you send them out the confirmations never come as easy as sending the invites out. You face a lot of bargaining and countless question and answer portions before you get a decent yes or no. Some guests would want to know the usual details (time,place, etc.), others would want to know who else is gonna come (Does that mean that if the persons you’d like to see during the party is not invited or is not coming you’ll not attend too? I don’t get it…or i actually kinda do, but the thing is, i feel like asking the person who invited you for the guest list would be a little bit off. I don’t know, i guess it’s my thing.). Some would want to know if they can bring along someone else. Others would want to book for a sleep over. Things like that. So as of today, the guest list is still a little bit blurry. Kinda makes me wonder if doing the whole shebang is worth it. Then again, i’ll have to agree that having all your family and friends over during this special day gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. 🙂

To end this on a positive note…here’s my wish list (haha):

1. Ipod touch (background music: just a dream – nelly)

2. New mobile phone (have you seen my phone lately?)

3. Flojos slippers (have you seen my flojos lately too?)

You can send the gifts to my house on, before or after my birthday (ilusyunada…haha!.) Thanks in advance! 🙂