I got off work early today. Bestfriend Goldie and I went to The Atrium to get Tin IDs for our passport (we need a looot of things for that freakin’ passport). We made the long way to Makati Ave. (and i mean loooong way – we walked around Paseo and Ayala, passed through 1 legit underpass and the other 1 was katangahan cause we didn’t have to take it –Β when we could have gone straight along the street beside my building).

After the marathon that is Makati Ave., we got there and as expected from government offices… box office ito. We went inside and everybody was looking at us because, I guess, we’re blocking Eat Bulaga so we looked for the person in charged of the help desk and viola, he’s not there. When he came back, we asked, then he told us to get a number. I got number 83 and they’re serving number 44. Nakakaloka talaga. Everybody were holding forms and we didn’t know if we had to get that also or we just have to wait for our turn so we can talk to a personnel and get a decent answer. The “Officer of the Day” is so useless, he didn’t know a thing. Pasa pasa kame sa pagtatanong. Lupit talaga ng red tape sa Pinas.

Waiting pisses people off but the other type of waiting that pisses me more is waiting in government offices. Alam mo yung, jampacked na yung mga tao tapos makikita mo yung mga empleyado sobrang petiks. Parang nasa buwan! Ganun. Plus, it’s like they don’t want to talk to people. You ask questions and most often than not you don’t get a straight answer and if you’re lucky you’ll be “accommodated” by an employee who’ll make you feel like you’re asking stupid questions when in fact they’re the ones messing up.

Here’s the highlight of the day. When it was my turn, I gave the form (we did need the form) and the guy checked it, and the conversation went like this:

Manong BIR (na mala-announcer ang boses sa laki): Naku, parang wala pa yang series na yan dito.

Ako: Po? Eh, yan po yung binigay sa kin dati.

Manong BIR: Ha? Eh san mo ba kinuha yan? Teka, check natin… (he typed in his jurassic computer)

Ako: (While he typed, I explained) Yung driving school po yung kumuha nyan eh, nung nag-apply po ako ng license.

Manong BIR: Ay naku, invalid to. Apply ka na lang ng bago. Kuha ng…………

Ako: Ah ucge po… (Sa isip isip ko, Taena! Di pala valid ung Tin ko eh pinasa ko na yun sa office! They’re getting tax from me every pay day and the number is invalid?! WTF!)

I was pretty pissed on our way to the next destination, City Hall, where we’ll get the Postal ID. To make the long senseless story short, we didn’t succeed with that one either. We still had to do a couple more things for us to get that one.

The only good thing (I’m convincing myself right now – actually simula pa kanina – that this is a good thing) today is that, I discovered that my Tin number is invalid (Pakshet A1!!!) and that I have to report it to the HR on Monday. If proven to be correct I have to get a new one and go through the grueling process again. It’s a tiring day, nawala (ng slight lang) at inulan sa QC (my new shoes got wet), nag-lakad ng malayo pabalik ng opisina, nag-halfday para mag-accomplish ng requirements (walang nakuha kahit isa), at malamang ang pinaka bongga sa lahat, a pile of things will be welcoming me when I go to work on Tuesday. ARGH!