Is it too much to ask really? To be surrounded by normal people (not to be condescending or anything, i’m just saying). It’s always like this, it starts off a simple conversation. Me as the listening ear and ends up – like 70% of the time – with me as the meddler. It totally sucks really, to be stuck in between a rock and hard place. The intention was to give a “heads up” but ends up worse, i think. People never react the way you expect them to (and in goes the word “expect”, i know i know, it’s equivalent to disappointment…yada yada yada).

Is it because I care too much? About the people around me? Maybe I should just let them bite each others heads off. Whenever I try to give the effin’ “heads up” because i’m concerned it totally bites me in the arse and again i’m stuck in between that stupid rock and that stupid hard place. And it sucks. And it’s not even funny.

This is the second time, and it’s not a good thing making the same mistake twice so I should really really seal these lips and not tell a soul of whatever I hear. EVER! They just don’t get the whole principle of the word “heads up”. I just wanted them to be aware. But, no, they have to make a scene. I’m shutting up. Maybe I know too much? Next time I’m just gonna nod through the whole conversation or better yet not let them reel me in the conversation so I won’t know and I won’t care. Then, they can push each other off the cliff for all I care.