I’ve been planning for a very long time to start a blog. Due to the bad cable service and because I’ve done everything there is to do in Facebook, I thought to myself… why not blog? So here goes…

It’s been a very tiring week at work. Yes, i’m definitely a corporate slave now. I miss wearing jeans (I wore jeans last Friday and i’d like the HR people to know that I won’t wear jeans to work EVER.), my chucks, my backpack, and i miss my different colored statement shirts. Where have you all gone??

I make it sound like it sucks having to go to work and all. Well, sometimes it does suck. With all the deadlines, targets and the office politics. Lots of times i’d stare at my to do list and say: “taena, sarap pala talaga mag-aral”.

I miss the days when we all just hang out, eat kwek kwek, laugh about everything and anything, and dream big. Now, it’s phone calls, client meetings, quotas and deadlines. Welcome to my life.